Strawberry Nest with Strawberry Milk Ice Cream Recipe

Strawberry Milk Ice Cream Recipe

Innovate your business selling gourmet ice cream on the beach, on your street, at work or at parties! One of the most popular gourmet ice cream flavors is this Nest with Strawberry Milk Ice Cream recipe, which can be prepared with original Nest milk or any other brand of powdered milk.

See how to make gourmet ice cream at home in a very simple way and using only the blender and the freezer. In this case, to prepare this creamy gourmet ice cream, you will only need condensed milk, whole milk, cream, powdered milk and strawberries. The result is delicious and your customers are sure to love it.

Check out all the tricks and step-by-step photos of this recipe for creamy strawberry and powdered milk bags below and try it out soon.

Ingredients for making Strawberry Nest Milk Geladinho:

 1 can of condensed milk (395 g)

 1 can of whole milk (measurement of the condensed milk can)

 1 box of cream (200 g)

 4 tablespoons of powdered milk

 200 grams of fresh strawberry

How to make Strawberry Nest Milk Geladinho:

Start by washing the strawberries, removing the green part and chopping into small pieces. Divide the strawberries into the ice cream bags and set aside.

TIP: For a sweeter gourmet strawberry ice cream, replace fresh strawberries with strawberry jam - check out the homemade strawberry jam recipe.

In a blender, blend the remaining ingredients: condensed milk, milk, cream and powdered milk until it becomes a smooth, smoothie-like mixture.

Fill the bags with the blender mixture, remembering to leave a space all the way to the top for easier tying. Tie tightly, leaving no air inside, and store in the freezer for at least 4 hours.

Your gourmet strawberry and powdered milk ice cream is ready! Delicious to savor on a hot summer day, I'm sure your customers will love it.

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